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There was a statistic I read a few days ago about how one of the biggest concerns for women is the cost of healthcare, and it really got me thinking. So I fired up my computer and decided to do some good old fashioned investigating, and here’s what I found…

Take a look at the two lists I included below. One shows the Ten Oldest People Currently Living, and another shows the Ten Oldest People Who Ever Lived. Notice anything interesting…? Out of all the people in both lists, only one is a man! The rest are all women! Well, no wonder the cost of healthcare is such a big concern for women – we live longer!

Ok, so listen to this; one of the oldest women still living today is Misao Okawa who is 115 years old, and residing in Japan, but she is followed by Jeralean Talley, who is 114, and is living in the United States!! OMG! And here’s the really interesting part that, frankly, really surprised me: out of the top 10 oldest people living today, and the top 10 people that ever lived, exactly half were in the United States! The good old USA with all the super sized meals, sugary drinks, and meats packed full of hormones! Now, of course I cannot claim that is what these women ate, but nonetheless, half of these women lived here, in the fast food capital of the world!

But we must be doing something right to be living longer, right? Now just imagine if that is you… Even if you don’t live to be 115 years old, what if you live to be 90 or 95? Are you prepared to live for that long and to still be able to pay all your bills and cover all your healthcare costs? Of course you are! (Yes, saying that with lots and lots or sarcasm!) After all, you’ll be getting Social Security, which will definitely be enough to cover all your costs, and pay all your bills. You KNOW you can count on the government to be there for you when you need help, right? Oh, wait…

I guess this explains why according to Ernst & Young 3 out of 5 people are running out of money in retirement – they’re living longer, and Social Security is just not enough to pay for everything. So to keep yourself from ending up in a heartbreaking situation of outliving your savings, the most important thing that you can do is plan your income, so that you always have an income check, no matter how long you live. Stop living only for today, and start taking care of your future self – the one who will actually have to struggle if you don’t start preparing today! Look at the tables below and see in black and white the reality of why women are outliving their money and why lifetime income should be on your mind today so that you can have a comfortable tomorrow!

Chart of ten verified oldest people living
source: Wikipedia

Chart of ten oldest people ever
source: Wikipedia

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