What can PLJ do for me?

PLJ Financial & Insurance Solutions LLC is licensed to offer you retirement planning, life insurance, long term care, social security analysis, and analysis of your tax benefits. Call us to schedule a free review of your situation so we can decide how to further help you. 310-824-1000 or 888-755-2525

How do I know that PLJ is legitimate?

PLJ Financial & Insurance Solutions LLC practices under California Department of Insurance License #0G97563

What will my employer do to help me plan for retirement?

Depending on your employer, you may have a 401K or a pension plan for your retirement. Some companies also offer stock options for their employees. Both you and your employer contribute to your 401K, while a pension plan is provided by your employer. Check with your employer’s human resources department to find out the benefits that are offered. You should consider other income planning options outside the scope of what your employer can offer.

I am 60 years old. Is it too late to start planning for my retirement?

It is not too late to plan for your retirement. Our income planners can evaluate your retirement situation to see what options work best for you at your age and current financial condition. Call us at 310-824-1000 to talk to an expert.

Is my retirement plan adequate?

The adequacy of your retirement plan depends on a number of factors, but the most important thing is that you set your goal and make an attainable plan to reach that goal. It doesn’t matter how much money you currently earn. What matters is how you plan for the future. PLJ Financial & Insurance Solutions LLC can conduct a review of your retirement strategies to see what options you can add to your retirement plan.

How do I begin planning for retirement?

You should begin planning several years before the date you have set for retirement so that you will know what is required to continue certain benefits into retirement. There are many factors related to retirement planning, and it is literally never too early to begin. The federal annuity is only one element to consider in today’s complex financial scene. You should start many years before considering actual retirement. Other considerations, such as Social Security may affect your benefits.

Will my 401K ensure my retirement?

Your 401K can supplement your retirement, but it may not cover all of the financial needs that will arise during your retirement income. To learn about income options that may be suitable for your financial needs, contact us at 888-755-2525.

How can I avoid losing money in the stock market?

As long as you are in the stock market, there is always a risk of losing money. If you’re concerned about protecting your principal, there are other options that can help you build retirement income without taking the risks. Call us at 888-755-2525 to find out how!

Will the money I have in stocks provide me with secure retirement income?

The stock market is volatile and unpredictable, and there are alternative options for generating retirement income with less risk. While it may bring big gains, it can also suffer huge drops. If you would like a review of your income options, call us at 888-755-2525.

Do I have the best life insurance policy for my family?

No two families are alike, and no two life insurance policies are alike. To make sure your life insurance policy is the best for your family’s needs, your unique circumstances should be considered, such as death benefits pay outs and taxation. After a careful evaluation of your situation, PLJ can help you choose the life insurance that is best suited for your needs.

Do I have the right income vehicles?

You should conduct an annual review of your assets to make sure you’re on the right track. PLJ can provide a free review. Simply give us a call at 888-755-2525.

How can an income and insurance firm help me as a business owner?

PLJ Financial & Insurance Solutions LLC helps businesses with employee benefit packages. We can help you develop a business strategy for your employee benefits to improve employee retention. Life insurance, pension plans, and other benefits can be instrumental to making sure your best employees stay with your company.