missionHelping women and their families with retirement income and protecting them from uncertainties by using conservative income strategies

Statistically, as women, we live longer, make less money, and therefore save less. These three factors can lead you into running out of money during your precious retirement years.

We’ll show you how to turn your hard earned retirement savings into guaranteed monthly checks for the rest of your life!

We understand that you want to keep your lifestyle in all of the stages of your retirement. You’ve worked so hard your entire life and you deserve to have your retirement dreams come true. As women, we feel the same way you do!

Why work with PLJ Income?

  • Retirement Income Planning from a woman’s perspective
  • Informational content tailored to women’s unique needs
  • Connect with community members that are like-minded and have the same concerns.
  • Exclusive informational events for community members
  • Special fun and lifestyle events for community members
  • Get our monthly newsletter and interviews with leading experts on a subjects that matter to you
  • And more importantly, be at Peace with your retirement income, and feel secure during the most exciting time of your life