Retirement Income Planning Designed for Women by Women

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Women have unique retirement needs

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 PLJ Income was created from the ground up
 to help you as a woman plan for your retirement income.  

Statistically, as women, we live longer, make less money, and therefore save less. These three factors can lead you into running out of money during your precious retirement years.

We’ll show you how to turn your hard earned retirement savings into guaranteed monthly checks for the rest of your life!

We understand that you want to keep your lifestyle in all of the stages of your retirement. You’ve worked so hard your entire life and you deserve to have your retirement dreams come true. As women, we feel the same way you do!

Social Security
Maximizing Social Security Benefits
• When should I take my Social Security out?
• Can I work AND collect Social Security?
• I’m divorced. Am I entitled to is benefits?
Annuities - Lifetime Income
• What are annuities?
• Are there fees associated with annuities?
• What kind of an annuity do I have?
401(k)/403(b)401k 403b - Retirement Savings
• When should I rollover my 401(k)/403(b)?
• Am I paying hidden fees?
• Should I take a loan on my 401(k)/403(b)?
IRA - Nest Egg Options
• Is Roth IRA or a traditional IRA better for me?
• Can I have multiple IRAs?
When do I start my Required Minimum Distribution?
Life Insurance
Life Insurance - Family Protection
• How much life insurance should I have?
• Should I get term or whole life?
• Do I need life insurance?
Medicare - Healthcare Advantages
• What does Medicare cover?
• Do I need supplemental insurance?
• When should I apply for Medicare?

Community Education Center!

Your Personal Money Diary Lite

Money Diary LiteA big part of retirement income planning is understanding your expenses and planning your future income budget. This is why we created Your Personal Money Diary – to help women just like you to manage your money and bills.

Use this tool to track your expenses, debt, and even your income. It will allow you to break down what you spend versus what you make and truly understand where your money is going.

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Family Emergency Diary Lite

Family Emergency Diary LiteThe Family Emergency Diary is designed to assist you in keeping all of your key contacts and important documents listed in one place. Whether you have an emergency or if it’s tax season, you will be able to quickly locate the information you need.

The diary will also guide your loved ones when they have to find your financial and insurance documents, giving you and your family peace of mind and relieve some of their stress during a difficult time.

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The Consumer’s Guide to Long-Term Care

Long-Term CareProtect yourself from incredibly high nurse caregiver costs! The Consumer’s Guide to Long-Term Care was developed for people concerned about how to plan, provide, and pay for long-term care for themselves, a spouse, parent, or loved one.

Your decisions and those of your family members, about what type of retirement you want or where you will live when you’re older, depend on your individual values, desires, and financial circumstances. The best long-term care option for you may be different from the one chose by another family member or friend.

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Life Insurance Basics

Life Insurance BasicsProtect your children, spouse, or anyone you care about! One of the most common reasons for needing life insurance is to replace the loss of income. Your family may be left with limited resources. Proceeds from a life insurance policy make cash available to support your family almost immediately.

Life insurance is also commonly used to create an estate for your heirs, pay for final expenses, estate taxes, and any debts that you may leave behind such as paying off mortgages, car loans, and credit card debts, leaving other remaining assets intact for your family.

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The last thing  you need as a woman is to have your retirement in shambles when you least expect it and at a time when you can’t do anything about it (i.e. You are already retired). Our PLJ income experts will work closely with you to make sure that you have all the information you need to make educated decisions NOW about what’s right for YOU, so that you can have the kind of life that YOU want. We do this through:

1) customized retirement income planning
2) fun and educational events
3) providing you information that keeps you up to date with all the relevant news that can affect your retirement.

By doing this, we help protect you from the unfortunate surprise of running out of money when you least expect it.

PLJ Income

✓ Retirement Income Planning from a woman’s perspective
✓ Educational content tailored to women’s unique needs
✓ Connect with community members that are like-minded and have the same concerns.
✓ Exclusive educational events for community members
✓ Special fun and lifestyle events for community members
✓ Get advance copies of our research and special bulletins
✓ Get our monthly news letter and interviews with leading experts on a subjects that matter to you
✓ And more importantly, be at Peace with your retirement income, and feel secure during the most exciting time of your life